Gold VS Acne

Sebacia is an innovative treatment that works against acne without systemic medications and also shows long-term effects.

A small pustule on the chin or a slightly larger pimple on the forehead are common for everyone, no matter how well-groomed they are. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and discover the culprit. This can be from natural hormone fluctuations, minor cheat meals/snacks or a little more stress than usual. The situation is different, however, if it is not just isolated pimples, but rather larger parts of the face are covered with red, purulent, and often painful nodules. In short, the diagnosis is acne. “As a teenager, I wanted a life without acne,” says dermatologist Dr. Jennifer Quist. “But for a long time the skin disease could only be treated with creams, antibiotics, hormones, systemic therapy and mechanical cleansing,” says the doctor with a practice in Mainz, Germany. Unfortunately, not without side effects and with only moderate success. Thanks to the innovative treatment option, Sebacia, things are different now.

The Principle of Action of Sebacia

Sebacia is a new and effective method that works with gold and laser light against mild to moderate facial acne and significantly reduces it – and all without systemic medication. Up until now, it was not possible to treat sebaceous glands (the glands under your skin that produce oil) with lasers because the light passes through them. But at Sebacia, gold-coated silicon dioxide cores with a diameter of just under 0.2 micrometers are worked into the pores with a massager so that they can detect medical pulsed laser light, but cannot get into the cells – basically, the dermatologist massages the Sebacia Gold Microparticles into the skin. These Microparticles enable the targeted heating of the sebaceous glands, which react by shrinking and significantly reducing their excessive sebum production over the course of several months. The pores are freed from the oil that produces acne. The treatment can be used for light and moderate skin blemishes and works against lesions. The skin blemishes are specifically treated while at the same time preventing acne scars. The treatment consists of three appointments within 14 days. “In my acne consultation hours, Sebacia has become an integral part of therapy,” says Dr. Quist. She, too, appreciates the many benefits of the treatment, which can be used for both teen and adult acne.

Well-Known, Physical Mechanism of Action

A great advantage of the Sebacia Acne Treatment is that it works without systemic drugs. Until now, systemic medication from the tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline classes were usually required for reliable, effective therapy. However, recent studies have described severe side effects from Minocylin, for example, and it is also contraindicated in pregnancy. It is also known that antibiotics prevent the growth of bacteria, but cannot be used for longer than 12 weeks because otherwise the bacteria can become resistant to the active ingredient. Sunbathing is also risky when taking tetracyclines, as damage to the skin can occur in combination with UV light. All in all, systemic therapy for acne is not exactly easy.

Remarkable Long-Term Effects

“With Sebacia, we have physical therapy purely for first time acne, which not only has few side effects, but also has a lasting effect,” says Professor Hjalmar Kurzen from the Skin and Laser Center in Freising, Germany. In 2019, Sebacia published the results of a European monitoring of use. An average reduction in lesions of 74% was shown after 6 months. After one year, 56% of the patients were still free of any accompanying medication. And after 12 months, an average reduction of lesions of 85% was achieved. Numbers and facts that give acne patients and doctors a sigh of relief. The results show the lasting effect of Sebacia, which improves over the healing process. Recently, there has been follow-up data over 24 months. Two years after the treatment, an improvement of 92% could be demonstrated. It has been confirmed that Sebacia is a life changer in acne treatment with impressive, long-term effects.

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