About Sebacia

About SEBACIA Overview

Founded in 2010 as part of The Innovation Factory (www.TIF.net), Sebacia set out to develop an alternative to the topical and systemic drugs currently available for the treatment of acne. Starting with the theory that several acne technologies have shown the ability to treat acne by eliminating or modifying the sebaceous gland but were limited by safety concerns or long, painful procedures, Sebacia envisioned a highly selective, targeted treatment to photothermally affect change in the sebaceous gland.

Sebacia leveraged the potential of microparticles — long-studied in several areas of medical research, including tumor ablation — and laser energy to formulate a topical solution for acne. The intention was to develop a system designed to deliver particles into the gland that could be calibrated to absorb wavelengths of laser light and avoid absorption into the skin. Thus, potentially, selectively heating only the targeted skin structures that are involved in acne.

Our diverse management group utilizes deep, early stage experience in the active guidance of the company. With a focus on aggressive market introduction and expertly handled economics, the collective blends the best of established practices with new innovations in business development.