Clearing Acne from the Inside Out

Clearing Acne From the Inside Out

How Sebacia Works

First the Sebacia Microparticles are gently massaged into your skin where they collect in the oil-producing Sebaceous gland.

Then, your dermatologist uses a laser to heat up the Sebacia Microparticles in the gland.

This causes the gland to shrink over time and produce less oil.

How Sebacia Compares to Other Acne Treatments

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Sebacia Stories from Real Patients

Kathleen started struggling with acne when she was 16 and tried all sorts of treatments, both over the counter and prescribed. Nothing seemed to work long term, which is so discouraging but she gave Sebacia a chance and the results have only gotten better with time.

Julie’s acne struggle started in her 20’s which was so unexpected. She tried different treatment options to clear her skin, but had little luck. She decided to try Sebacia for the convenience and she’s been so happy with the results ever since.

The Provider Perspective

Physician Assistant, Gilbert Saenz, talks about the impact that Sebacia has had on the patients he has treated and why this treatment is like no other.

Licensed Aesthetician, Angie Pennington, describes how easy the Sebacia Acne Treatment is. She talks about the treatment and all the awesome side effects her patients have experienced.

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