Don’t Freak Your Skin Out This Halloween

It’s almost Halloween! Time to get creepily creative and live your best spooky life. All those fond memories of dressing up as your favorite superhero (or villain, we don’t judge) or movie character can be revisited, no matter how old you are. Halloween is something that you can (and should) go all out on, but there are steps you should take to make sure you don’t spook your dermatologist the next time you visit. Read our tips for having a scary good Halloween without sacrificing your skin. 


Do An Ingredient and Quality Check

Just like regular makeup, you should be mindful of what’s in that fun-looking Halloween makeup. Halloween and special effects makeup is usually a lot heavier than regular makeup, which means you run the risk of clogged pores and skin irritation. Also, if you already have blemishes or lines, heavier makeup will just accentuate those. Start with a good makeup base and if you need to use heavy makeup, try to use as thin of a layer as possible. 


Halloween makeup can also be expensive, so it can be tempting to just use what you used last Halloween. Don’t! Even if it was just you using the makeup, you probably dipped into it multiple times while applying, which means multiple introductions of bacteria to the makeup. Unless you sanitized everything heavily the year before, it’s better to be safe than sorry and splurge on some new makeup this year. 


Think Twice About All That Sugar

You might think makeup is your skin’s only threat on Halloween, but you’d be wrong. All those tasty Halloween treats can also wreak havoc on your skin. Moderation is key (come on, it’s Halloween—you’re going to eat candy!), so try to limit the amount of candy and sugary foods you consume. Whether you’re headed out to trick-or-treat or a Halloween soirée, make sure to have water on hand. This will not only keep you energized for the night, it will also help with your skin’s post-Halloween recovery. Speaking of… 


Be Prepared for Take Off 

Not that you would want to go to sleep as a bloodied zombie, but we figured it would be good to remind you again to thoroughly remove all your Halloween makeup at the end of the night. Since it isn’t regular makeup (and even if you did use some of your daily makeup products), it is very important to remove all of it. Use as gentle of a cleanser as you can that will still get down deep into your pores. If you used prosthetics or adhesives, have an adhesive remover ready to go when you get home from your spooky night out. You may want to plan on exfoliating after removing your makeup, just to ensure that all traces of residue and potential build-up have been cleared away.


After you’ve removed everything, we can almost guarantee your skin will not be your biggest fan. Give it a little post-Halloween pamper with a clarifying and moisturizing face mask treatment, followed by a hydrating moisturizer. 


If you wake up on November 1 with a sudden acne flare up, don’t freak out! Your skin went through a lot to help you be the spookiest version of yourself, so give it some grace. If your breakouts are more mild, introduce a topical acne treatment to your skin routine and resist the urge to scrub your skin with a stronger cleanser. 


If your post-Halloween acne continues despite your at-home treatments, consider visiting your dermatologist. It’s possible that you are having a reaction to an ingredient in your Halloween makeup or that you weren’t able to get all of it out of your pores. If you’d like to clear up your skin without further aggravating the issue, ask your dermatologist if they offer the Sebacia Acne Treatment. Our treatment doesn’t add to the irritation your skin is dealing with because we target below the surface in your sebaceous glands. With our Sebacia Gold Microparticles, your dermatologist targets the source of your acne and uses a laser to heat the particles and deliver effective treatment right where your skin needs it. After just three Sebacia treatment sessions, results should be visible within the first 2-3 months, with some patients enjoying results that last up to 24 months¹.


From all of us at Sebacia, we hope you have a wonderfully wicked Halloween and don’t forget to ask your dermatologist about us if your skin tries to keep the Halloween spookiness going. 


¹ The US clinical study ended at 12 weeks and demonstrated non-inferiority to laser alone with Sebacia’s last treatment at 2 weeks and laser alone last treatment at 10 weeks, Sebacia’s treatment required significantly fewer laser treatment sessions and significantly lower laser fluence compared to laser alone.
In a non-randomized registry study in Europe, the average improvement in acne lesions at 24 months was 92% (77% free of acne medications, 9% used topicals and 14% used systemics at 24 months). 


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