How Your Winter Skincare Can Work For (Not Against) Your Skin

We know it’s only September but winter is right around the corner. We swear! The season of warm temperatures and relaxing time in the sun is about to be replaced with festive fun and much colder days. As you transition your wardrobe and rotation of weekend activities to match the fall and winter seasons, don’t forget to add your skincare to the list! Your skin adapts to the seasons, too, and with some TLC from you, it can stay healthy and clear, no matter what you throw at it.

‘Tis the Season to Pamper Your Skin

In the warmer months, your skincare probably consists of lots of lightweight cleansers and moisturizers, which is fine! But as the cold weather creeps back in, sub out your summer skincare products for ones with a bit more oomph to them. Moisturizers with a more lotion-like consistency are usually a good bet for keeping dry skin at a minimum. If your skin does err on the drier side, you can boost your moisturization with other products in addition to your moisturizer, like serums and face oils. Try to incorporate products with long-term but gentle hydration, like hyaluronic acid. 

Think Gentle When It Comes to Winter Skin Treatments

Summer is usually a prime time to develop some skin problems and irritations, thanks to sweat, more time outside, and sunburns. Cool weather brings its own set of problems, the biggest being dry skin. When your skin lacks the moisture it needs to stay happy, you can start to notice flakiness, dry and irritated patches, and even an increase in acne in reaction to off-balance moisture. 

Before you go scrubbing away at your dry skin or piling on the topical acne treatments, remember that your skin is in a slight state of shock. Keep things simple and gentle when it comes to cleansing, and resist the urge to exfoliate away any flaky or peeling skin. 

If your acne is flaring up, over-the-counter topical treatments may help but they will also likely add to the dryness, thanks to their formulation. Talk to your dermatologist about your acne to see what solutions they might have that won’t dry out your skin. Ask your dermatologist if they offer the Sebacia Acne Treatment in their office. Our gentle treatment is not only long-lasting (some patients have seen results last up to 24 months!) but it’s gentle and targeted, which means your skin won’t be more disrupted than it already might be in the changing weather conditions. 

If you don’t have a dermatologist, find a list of our Sebacia-certified dermatologists here:


Remember: Just Enjoy Winter!

Don’t hide away indoors to prevent the cold temperatures from wreaking havoc on your skin! Indoor heat can contribute its own share to your skin’s dryness, so grab a jacket and embrace the season. With the proper skincare routine and preventative measures (we’re looking at you, SPF), you can spend just as much time enjoying nature in the fall and winter as you do in the spring and summer.

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