Take Back Your Skin with the Sebacia Acne Treatment

Fighting acne is hard work, but you’re not alone! There are so many products, treatment routines, and medications out there, we wouldn’t blame you if your head was spinning a little. How do you know what will work for your skin? How long will it take to see results? Will those results last?

You just want clear skin and a simple way to find it and keep it. Is that so much to ask? We don’t think so! Before you throw even more money into the quest to find an acne solution, consider the Sebacia Acne Treatment. 

Acne is cyclical. As one blemish resolves, others are erupting. Treatments that focus on the acne already on the surface of your skin are just masking the real problem and allowing it to continue producing more blemishes. Our treatment targets acne at the source: the hyperactive glands that overproduce oil. This treatment clears skin from the inside out!  

You may be wondering, why haven’t I seen Sebacia in stores? Well, that’s because Sebacia is a treatment performed by your dermatologist. The Sebacia Acne treatment uses the same laser as laser hair removal, which requires it to be done in-office. Using a targeted application like this means only the skin on your face is being treated, rather than your whole body, like can happen with oral medications. 

The actual treatment process and timeline is simple and easy to keep up with! The Sebacia treatment begins with a cleansing of your face to remove any dirt or makeup. Then, Sebacia gold microparticles are massaged into your skin, placing our treatment into your skin’s pores, reaching the Sebaceous gland. The third step in the treatment is the careful use of the laser to heat the microparticles and deliver their skin-changing effects to your skin. 

The whole treatment takes 30-45 minutes and you only need to have three treatments over a 2 week period! The most common side effect is some redness on your skin following treatment, but this usually goes away within an hour or two, which means you can quickly return to your normal daily routine. Once you complete three Sebacia treatment sessions, results should be visible within the first 2-3 months, and we have seen patients with results that last up to 24 months! That’s two years of not needing to worry about exhaustive daily acne regimens. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

If you’re interested in a safe and simple way to treat your acne, contact your dermatologist today to see if they offer the Sebacia treatment. Stop dumping your money and time into treatments that only mask the problem. Bring out your inner potential with Sebacia!


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