“I wasn’t expecting to feel that confident after the treatment, mainly because I was so skeptical about it. But once I realized it had worked and that it was doing really well, I mean I don’t think anyone could expect to feel that much better from 3 treatments of anything.”

Julie B. | 28

“It was only 3 treatments and

there was basically no downtime.

So, I could just go back to my

normal routine and life, and not

have to worry about any at-home

care or anything extra to do.”


                                 Sabrina B.  | 22

“I never had like really big like cystic acne or anything like that, so a lot of people would say, “Oh your skin is not that bad!” but I don’t want my skin to be just not that bad, you know?”

                                Kathleen S. | 22

“Every mom wants her daughter just to shine! 

Feel as beautiful on the outside as she is on 

the inside and this definitely did it!”



                                         Tracey S.  | Mom

“I started to see results pretty quickly. I did the treatment in February and it is
now September and I have had awesome results. So, I definitely think it was worth it.”


                                         Logan T. | 19

“So I tried Sebacia mostly

because I was excited about the fact that it 

wasn’t a medicine, that it was a treatment that

 you do for a few weeks and then you’re done

 and then you get the results. “



                                 Kathleen S.  | 22

“Everyone’s story is a little different, but one thing that I see and hear a lot of is how much patients struggle with acne. I think Sebacia is an excellent treatment option all the way around.”

Gilbert S. | P.A.

“Generally they don’t really want to do extreme treatments, they want to stay more holistic and that’s what Sebacia can do for them. It’s such an easy treatment, you don’t have to take any pills, you just do 3 treatments over 3 weeks. “

Angie P. | L.M.A.

Individual results may vary.