2020: Year of Better Skin

January can be such an exciting month. You’re standing at the beginning of a brand-new set of twelve months, which means it’s time to dream big and go for it! Are you a resolutions person? Instead of going for the usual goals like getting in better shape, saving up for that dream vacation, or binging through your Netflix watch list, think outside the box a little and make this the year you treat your skin to some pampering and improvements. Not sure where to start? Here’s some inspiration!

Broaden Your Horizons

Have you been using the same face wash since middle school? (Please don’t tell us it’s a bar of soap!) As your body ages, your skin care should be adapting to what your skin needs. The skin care industry has expanded tons over the years, and there is literally something for everyone out there!

Depending on your skin type, you can create a whole new skin care routine with products that will actually improve your skin instead of just cleaning it. Don’t be afraid to add in new products to your morning and evening routine, like face oils, serums, and eye cream. They might add a few minutes to your routine, but the glow in your skin will be worth it!

Adapt to the Seasons

You swap out your wardrobe with the seasons, so why shouldn’t your skin care get the same refresh? The temperature and conditions play a huge role in your skin’s appearance, whether you realize it or not. In the summer, you can expect to be more oily and get more sun exposure. Make sure your moisturizer is lightweight and paired with an SPF! In the fall and winter, your skin will be begging for moisture, especially if you pump up the heat indoors, so make sure your moisturizer is a heavier formula that is long-lasting.

Face the Acne Head-On

Have you dealt with those dreaded bumps since puberty hit? Acne is never convenient or wanted, so stop letting it rule your skin. Make 2020 the year you choose clear skin! Find a cleanser formulated for your skin type that can also combat acne, or visit your dermatologist to see which products or treatment they recommend to address the acne you currently have and prevent future breakouts from popping up.

If your acne is mild to moderate and usual acne treatments aren’t working, our acne treatment might be the perfect fit for you. Our acne treatment uses Sebacia Microparticles, an innovative formulation of gold microparticles that are applied to the skin and treated with a standard dermatology laser. Using the laser to heat the microparticles has been clinically proven to reduce the number of acne lesions over time. After three treatment appointments over a two-week period, your skin will have a significant reduction in acne as soon as six weeks after your final treatment. Click here to see which dermatologists near you are offering this treatment!

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